"The kitty house is truly a work of art, as well as a labor of love. I think you've thought of everything!"

We are now closed.

After 12 years of building your pet's favorite houses, Pam & Mike Kaufman are retiring

Due to the closure of the 2 mills which provided us the raw wood used in our houses, we are unable to continue to build OUTDOOR PET HOUSES.

We have sold out our available inventory of remaining houses, and we wish to thank all our loyal customers from the past and present. This has been our life's greatest joy providing you and your pets a really decent house which has proved to be the best available.

Thank you for your business,
Pam & Mike

Designers & Builders
Pam & Mike Kaufman

How We Started:

The idea for this exciting new product line was born out of need to provide an outdoor shelter for a large, feral tom cat my wife and I befriended. I made the first house in my shop and placed it on our bedroom deck. Bubs took to it immediately and seemed to know this was his house. That was eight years ago. Bubs now has full access to inside our home but continues to use his outside house whenever he feels the need.

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